What Material Are the Screws Used in a Dental Implant Made of?

Elderly coupleThe dental implant process uses small screw-shaped prosthetics to anchor artificial teeth for both dental restorations and individual tooth replacement. Today, dentists and their patients can choose from two different types of materials used to create dental implant screws. 

Learning more about implant materials can be helpful to patients who are considering various options. The following information summarizes implant screws made of titanium as well as ceramic zirconia. Both materials have proven successful with implant dentistry.

Materials Used To Make Implant Screws

Surgically embedding the screw into the patient's jawbone comprises one of the early steps in the implant process. Each of the two types of materials used to manufacture the screw exhibit advantages and disadvantages.


Titanium has traditionally been used to construct dental implant screws. Unlike some other metals, titanium is a certain type of metal that the human body is able to accept. Titanium dental implants are capable of fusing with the jawbone so that over the long term, a securely anchored tooth-replacement system can be established. These types of dental implants are referred to as biocompatible because their chemical makeup is similar to that of the human body.

Dental implants made of titanium have been around since the 1950s when the discovery was first made. Since then, the technique has evolved, allowing for effective and proven results when it comes to dental restorations and tooth replacements.


Recent advancements in dentistry have enabled the development of zirconia dental implants. They have been utilized in some countries since the late 1990s. Zirconia is actually a crystal material that is also biocompatible with the human body. It is a strong substance used for various dental procedures, including dental fillings and dental crowns.

As time has passed, implant screws made of zirconia have become a popular choice for tooth replacement and dental restorations. Today, zirconia dental implant screws allow for a seamless and efficient implant process. 

Similarities and Differences

Both titanium and zirconia dental implant screws offer patients a strong and reliable tooth replacement choice. The main differences between the two materials are their appearance, the way they are placed in the implant procedure and the number of years each has been used in implants.

Zirconia implants tend to appear white in color, while titanium ones are silver or metal-colored. In addition to visual distinctions, the way that the zirconia dental implants are placed varies from titanium ones. Typically, the titanium implant post is placed in one procedure, and the abutment is attached later. With zirconia dental implants, the post and abutment usually are constructed in one piece and embedded in a single procedure. In some cases, this gives the dentist less flexibility in adjusting the angle of the implant placement.

Get Started with Dental Implants

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