Tips for Picking the Right Kind of Dentures

Elderly couple smilingIf you are trying to get dentures and wondering which would be the perfect set for you, then you are at the right place. In this article, we highlight different types of dentures and tips that will help you pick the right kind.

Types of Dentures

Regular full dentures

Complete dentures are used when the entire teeth set has been extracted. They are positioned on the gums, in contrast to dental bridges that attach to existing teeth. The dentist will place the complete dentures 8 to 12 weeks after extracting the teeth.

Partial dentures

You can opt for partial dentures if some of the natural teeth are left. The denture has a pink base connected to a metal structure to hold the denture in place inside the mouth. Partial dentures are comfortable, removable and manufactured from an acrylic material. They help to prevent other teeth from shifting out of place when a tooth is lost.

Custom dentures

These dentures contain teeth structures to give your smile a natural appearance. You can see the denture during the production process. The denture is specifically designed for you to make your smile alluring and meet your dental requirements.

Implant supported dentures

These dentures are held in position with dental implants. This provides an exceptional level of support and creates a firm foundation for the denture. Implant supported dentures have a natural appearance and are highly durable.

Snap-in dentures

If you are looking for a stable denture, you need to consider snap-in dentures. The dentures are held firmly by dental implants or anchors connected to existing teeth. They are typically used when all the teeth are missing but there is sufficient bone structure to hold an implant.

The unique feature is the locator connectors inserted into the tissue area of the denture. The connectors snap onto the locator receptors of the dental implant. This means you can remove them and reinstall without fearing that the dentures will fall off.

Instant dentures

If you cannot wait the regular 8 to 12 weeks, you can opt for instant dentures to be placed immediately after the tooth extraction procedure. These are not for everyone, because the gums have to be in a good state for denture placement.


Overdentures are placed on the surface of the gums and held firmly with dental implants. You can use the denture on the lower or upper teeth, and it can be removed and reinstalled, especially for cleaning.

Upper dentures

These dentures are manufactured specifically for the upper teeth. If any of your teeth in the upper jaw are missing, upper dentures may be the best option.

Economy dentures

These are probably the most conventional and cost-effective dentures. They are not usually comfortable and do not sit easily in place. The dental expert may need to use denture adhesives to hold the denture in place.

Final Note

With the different types of dentures and their uses, you should have more information to help in choosing the right one. If you are still confused, talk to your dentist about dental restorations.

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