Advanced Equipment Used by a Dentist in Exton

Woman sitting in a dental chairWhen looking for a dentist in Exton, there are many practices from which to choose. Whether there is a need for general dental practice or one offering specialized care, there are parameters to keep in mind. Something to look for is the type of equipment utilized in the care of patients. With the advancements in technology on every front, do not forget to check out the advanced equipment a new dentist's office may offer.

Basic Tools Used by a Dentist in Exton

Visiting the dentist twice a year may help familiarize people with the type of equipment used. There are some essential tools that dentists use. Some practices may add to these fundamental pieces of equipment to better care for patients. Some people may not experience everything a dentist has to offer, partly because not all treatment plans are the same. However, some of the basic items used at such a practice include the following:

  • X-ray machine
  • Dental forceps for removing teeth
  • Molds
  • Dental drill
  • Saliva extractor

Odd Sounds and Interesting-Looking Instruments

Some of the devices about the dental chair may seem medieval. The sounds and sights of may make even the strongest person feel queasy, especially if they have to get work done. The sound of a dental drill may stick with people throughout adulthood, and while getting rid of cavities is a common issue dentists deal with, a drill may no longer be the most effective way to treat it.

The New Technology That Helps Dentists

Thankfully for those who may be squeamish in the chair, new developments may help render care and treatment with ease. Even if a patient is not fearful, finding a dentist in Exton who uses newer instruments may be something to seek out if these tools may be beneficial in treatment.

3-D Digital Renderings

People may be fearful of X-rays and worry that the exposure to radiation with yearly visits may harm them in the long run, even though the exposure is minimal. New developments in 3-D digital technology may soon replace traditional X-ray machines in dental offices. Not only can some cameras find cavities in areas that the standard machines cannot, but the process is also instant. These cameras also allow dentists to get a three-dimensional picture of every aspect of the mouth, making molds for things like bridges or orthodontic work unnecessary.


Laser technology has been making its way through the medical field, and as such, finding them in dental offices may become more commonplace. According to WebMD, lasers are quick, accurate and make little noise. They can penetrate teeth with precision and may aid in filling cavities and performing root canals. Some lasers can also help remove tartar and plaque from hard-to-reach areas, making for an overall cleaner mouth.


If a dentist in Exton upgrades older instruments with new tech, do not be wary. Instead, embrace what advanced equipment has to offer, and of course, ask questions about its use and safety.

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