Is a Kid Friendly Dentist in Exton Part of a General Dentistry Group?

children brushing their teethFrom the time children’s baby teeth start showing, special oral care from a kid friendly dentist is usually necessary to ensure the teeth grow in properly and that good oral hygiene is being practiced at home. While some general dentists can treat children, a dental office that focuses on young patients may have a few advantages for both patients and parents alike, especially if the clinic is included in {{CITY’S}} general dentistry group. 

About Child-Friendly Dentistry 

Dental offices that cater especially to young children have become more popular over the last decade. They typically offer an atmosphere not commonly seen in most general dentistry offices. The waiting areas are often brightly colored and filled with plenty of toys, games and other activities to keep small patients happy and occupied until the dentist is ready to see them. These clinics also tend to focus on the oral needs of children: 

  • Monitoring the growth of the primary (baby) teeth 
  • Cleanings 
  • Installation and adjustment of braces 

Taking children to a kid friendly dentist as soon as the first teeth appear may also help them become less fearful of appointments as they grow and encourage healthy oral habits at home as well. However, parents who are considering choosing this type of dentist instead of a clinic that practices only general dentistry may want to be aware of the differences between the two and how the choice may impact ongoing oral care for the youngest members of the family. 

Child Versus Adult Dentistry 

There are a few services that both general and child-friendly clinics offer, such as annual checkups, tooth extraction and the creation and installation of fillings. However, general dentists’ offices treat a variety of patients and usually do not have a focus on one age group. These clinics may also offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry choices as well, including the replacement of missing teeth, dental bridges and devices designed to straighten adult teeth.

Child-friendly dentists’ offices typically focus more on children. The dentists who practice there may have specialized knowledge of how kids’ teeth grow, what special needs baby teeth need and which oral issues can be common in young children. 

Dentistry Groups 

Some kids’ dentists in Exton may be part of a child healthcare group or organization and are listed separately from general dentistry groups. Patients who have dental insurance may require a referral from their general dentist before a child in the family can see a kid friendly dentist for a specific type of problem, such as the advanced decay of baby teeth or a tooth that is growing in abnormally. Individuals may want to contact an insurance representative for assistance with choosing the most suitable type of provider. 


Choosing a kid friendly dentist can reduce fear and anxiety in young patients and help to ensure proper oral care as they grow. Some of these dentists are grouped together with other children-focused care services, while many may also be listed with general and family dentist offices within insurance providers’ networks and online directories. 

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