General Dentistry Surprising Facts: Dark Chocolate and Other Foods That Are Good for Teeth

Woman smiling and holding an appleWhen you go to an office of general dentistry, you don’t expect to hear that you can eat dark chocolate and other goodies. In fact, several foods that you likely think are bad for you are actually good for your teeth. Get the details on what you need to add to your next shopping list.

Dark Chocolate

People who have a bit of a sweet tooth will be happy to learn that dark chocolate is good for teeth. It contains cacao, which strengthens enamel and reduces the risk of cavities. Eating a piece of dark chocolate a day can go a long way in improving oral health.

Choosing Dark Chocolate

To get the most benefits from dark chocolate, people need to choose a brand that has 76 percent or more cacao. It is also essential to select dark chocolate that has less than 8 grams of sugar since sugar is harmful to teeth.


The saying goes that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It can also keep the dentist away. While it is a highly acidic fruit, it does not wear down the enamel on teeth. Instead, the natural sugars act as a neutralizer and protect the enamel. That reduces the risk of cavities.

Be Careful When Eating Apples

Apples are healthy but biting into hard foods can harm the teeth. Slice apples to prevent chipping a tooth when biting into the fruit.


Oranges are also highly acidic yet good for the teeth. The fruit is full of vitamin C, and that vitamin reduces inflammation. That is good news for people who want to stave off gum disease.

Cleaning Teeth After Eating Oranges

An office of general dentistry will recommend drinking a glass of water after eating an orange. Do not brush right after, or the acid could harm the enamel on teeth.


Cheese is more than a tasty treat. It is good for oral health. It contains the calcium needed to strengthen the teeth and the surrounding bones.

Little-Known Benefits of Cheese

Cheese has some additional little-known benefits. For instance, cheese contains phosphates that strengthen the teeth. It also stimulates the production of saliva. Saliva protects the mouth from harmful bacteria, so this is very important.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is a delicious lunch or dinner choice, and it plays an important role in protecting teeth. Teeth need calcium, but the body cannot absorb it without Vitamin D. Since wild salmon is chock full of vitamin D, it helps people absorb the calcium necessary to maintain strong teeth and bones.

General Dentistry for Happy Eating

Add dark chocolate, apples, oranges, cheese and wild salmon to your shopping list and then make an appointment at an office of general dentistry. The dentist will likely notice that you have improved your diet and your oral health. Your dentist can also give you other recommendations, so you can choose the right foods for every snack and meal.

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