4 Tips From Your Emergency Dentist

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A dental emergency can be alarming, especially if it happens unexpectedly at an inconvenient time and requires immediate help from an emergency dentist. Whether needing professional assistance due to an oral health concern that has suddenly worsened, or experiencing a mouth injury that results in damaged teeth or gums, there are certain steps individuals can take to handle the situation appropriately.

Advice for a dental emergency

Emergency dentists specialize in helping patients who need immediate care after a dental crisis occurs or develops. They understand the importance of handling the situation correctly and realize how stressful these circumstances can be for patients. They often have good insights into handling the experience. The following four useful tips from an emergency dentist can provide assistance when trouble strikes.

1. Stay calm and call the dentist

First, stay calm and do not panic. By remaining composed, patients put themselves in a better position to make informed decisions. Too many persons who overreact make bad decisions in the process. For example, someone who suffers a blow to the mouth and experiences bleeding gums, damaged teeth or swelling may attempt to drive to an emergency room or urgent care facility to get treatment. Instead, stay focused, take a second to assess the damage and give the emergency dentist a call.

2. Keep the mouth clean

Another common mistake that many people make during a dental emergency is hastening to get to an emergency dentist. While it is important to reach a provider quickly, there are also steps to take before rushing off. Most notably, the patient should keep the mouth clean. There is an increased risk of oral infection during a dental emergency. For a blow to the mouth that results in bleeding and swelling, it is important to rinse the mouth out thoroughly with saltwater or plain warm water if saltwater is not available.

3. Manage the pain before arrival

Perhaps the most common reason for a visit to the emergency dentist is increased pain. This discomfort can be the result of a blow to the face that damages teeth or gums, a dental abscess, a missing crown or other possible oral health complications. To control the pain, try to stop any bleeding by holding gauze on the affected area. Next, use a cold compress to manage throbbing, aches or swelling.

4. Arrange for a ride to the dentist

More often than not, the patient is not in a mental state to drive to the dentist while experiencing discomfort. Subsequently, it is best to arrange for someone else to provide a ride to the dental clinic. If necessary, using a taxi service might be an option if no family members or friends are available.

Call our emergency dentist team today

Whether someone has suffered a mouth injury, or an oral health complication has unexpectedly worsened, an emergency dentist may prove necessary. Give our experienced team a call today to find out how we can help with immediate treatment.

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