Professional Teeth Whitening FAQ’s

Man smiling in a dental chairProfessional teeth whitening is a great way to achieve a better, brighter smile in a long-lasting manner.

Not only is it less invasive and more affordable than many other cosmetic procedures, but professional teeth whitening also produces fast results.

Everyone deserves a smile they can truly be proud to show off, and professional teeth whitening is a great way to gain more confidence in your smile quickly.

Professional Teeth Whitening FAQs

Many people have wondered about professional teeth whitening and whether it is right for them. Maybe you considered this treatment but have unanswered questions or concerns that stopped you from seeing a dentist.

The following are the five most frequently asked questions about professional teeth whitening.

How Effective Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening can help teeth become eight or nine shades whiter than before. The exact effectiveness of a professional teeth whitening procedure depends on the status of the teeth before the procedure.

Nevertheless, professional teeth whitening can in most instances return teeth to the whitest shade possible. It is usually similar to the color teeth were when the patient was a teenager.

Is the Process Harmful to My Teeth?

Our professional teeth whitening procedure does not have any adverse effects in the short term or long term.

Professional teeth whitening involves interacting with the enamel of teeth. This is why many believe there may be some negative effects. However, it is completely safe and does not alter the enamel in any way.

The material we use is completely safe, and our staff is careful throughout each professional teeth whitening process.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Painful?

In most cases, a professional teeth whitening procedure is painless. However, if you have weak enamel, there may be some sensitivity. If that is the case, it should not last for more than a few days.

In most cases, your dentist will clean your teeth before whitening to ensure the enamel is healthy. This helps prevent pain or sensitivity during and after the procedure.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The length of time the results of professional teeth whitening is largely dependent on the way you care for your teeth after the procedure. It is essential to limit the intake of staining foods and drinks, such as wine, coffee and tomato sauce. If you smoke, your teeth may start changing color earlier than those who do not.

In general, the results of professional teeth whitening typically last between 6 months to 2 years.

How Can I Maintain White Teeth?

The best way to keep teeth white and to also maintain good oral health is to brush a minimum of twice a day and floss and use mouthwash daily. By practicing good oral hygiene, you can ensure enamel stays strong and stains on teeth do not develop.

Avoid harmful foods and drinks to ensure your teeth stay white. Also, be sure to visit the dentist on a regular basis for routine cleanings.

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